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700 Gallon Above Ground Pond


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Here is my 700 gallon above ground pond. Made with 4x4 treated lumber. Originally had a whiskey barrel liner for a bog. Filtered with Luganua 2100 and a Laguna 1000 UV filter. It has been running since June 2018. I took down the BOG last winter, too small and the plants were growing like crazy. That was a big mistake. Ever since that, I never had a clear pond as I did when we had the BOG. We have way too many fish. In the process of getting rid of all the Koi and most of the goldfish. I am also making a new BOG. I hope to have that done soon.









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1 hour ago, koko said:

WOW Impressive. You did a great  job. What kind of fish in there? 

Thank you. As of now I have too many fish. I have Wakins, Orange Comets, Tangerine Comets, Blue/WHite Goldfish, shubunkins, mixed Koi, Platinum Ogon Koi. I am in the process of getting rid of all the fish and just keeping the Wakins. We went a little overboard when buying fish. Plus I dont want any mixed breeding.






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On 7/30/2020 at 12:10 PM, koko said:

Well you sure have some nice looking fish in there. It might be cool to get a Hybrid out of them lol

Koi/ comments 😃

Thank you, There may be some good combos, Im a fraid I wouldnt be able to get rid of them.

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All the fish are gone with the excpetion of a white fancy goldfish. Couldnt get rid of him. Found him a t pet store in a tiny aquarium. If anyone can ID him pleas let me know. Not the best pic, he doesnt like his picture taken.



Removed the 2x8 trim boards and replace them with 2x6 trated wood. Wish  I origionally did that.


Did a water change at the same time. I had to get in the pond to get the backboards off. Almost fell from the algae on the floor.


One plant that actually grew from a lot of 4. Got these plants in a box at Lowes. What a waste.


This board resembles how far I want the bog to come out. Avout 48 inches x 24 inches x 17 inches tall.



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