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Anyone Have Any Hands-On Experience with the Newer Aqueon QuietFlow "LED PRO" HOBs?

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I used to run a QuietFlow 55 on my 60 gallon goldie tank, alongside an AquaClear 110, and when we recently started the tank back up, it seems the Aqueon's pump clip that attaches the filter to the pump/intake tube was broken (one side of it; the side opposite the clip device, ironically). So we replaced that model with one of the new so-called "LED PRO" HOBs Aqueon now sells (the 75 model), which includes that worthless LED light at the top of the filter cover to indicate when it's time for a cartridge replacement (I never replace these, instead dunking them in used tank water during some water changes until they fall apart) and a new bio grid return bar design that now boasts these two small pieces of "specialty media" (essentially a couple of small chunks of pad that are supposed to remove ammonia; the company sells these pads for phosphate removal and also as carbon separately...smells like a money making endeavor if you ask me, as they're supposed to be changed like every two weeks...yeah, okay).

Here's what the new return portion of the filter looks like:


I've been running the filter with these "specialty pads" in place since we set up the tank again (about a month now) but I have found that the flow from these new LED PROs is significantly different than the older Aqueons -- where the old QuietFlows would put out a nice thick ripple across the surface, if the water level was adjusted properly, these new models seem to just trickle out, not really providing much current. I am assuming this is because of that final stage of filtration with these new "pads" they stuffed in there (they don't have to be used), but I'm not sure if the unit will run better without them.

Anyone else have any hands-on experience with these newer Aqueons, and do you see the same thing I am with regard to the return flow? Would it be better to leave these "ammonia catchers" out?

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