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Third Day of Stability in Newly Started Tank...Do These API Numbers Look Right?

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Recently started my 60-gallon tank back up after sitting dormant for quite some time, and we plan on introducing fancy goldies, once again. The aquarium has been up and running with water and dual filters (a brand new Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO 75 and older AquaClear 110) for a little over a week, and I have been treating it with Seachem Stability to kick-start the cycle for the last three days (today is the fourth day). I took some readings via my API test kit last night, and they read as follows:

pH: 7.6 (approximately)

HIGH RANGE pH: Somewhere between 8.0 and 8.2

AMMONIA: 0ppm (amazingly)

NITRITE: 0ppm (amazingly)

NITRATE: Somewhere between 0 and 5.0ppm, but closer to 0


I have not used anything else in the tank, and I haven't added any Prime as of yet. We were planning on introducing some smaller starter fancies this weekend, as Seachem informed me I should have some kind of ammonia source in there along with the Stability (fish waste, food, etc.), but the Stability treatment period will be done by this Tuesday, and I am unsure of what to do here...

First of all, can someone tell me if the above API numbers look right for a brand new tank? How often do I need to keep checking the water quality at this point? If I do introduce fish at this point -- the Stability instructions claim marine life can be added at ANY time during the seven days, so long as the treatment goes for seven days -- what happens after the seven days of Stability are up? Do I just begin weekly water changes?

Do I need to add Prime before the fish go in this weekend?

If someone could assist me with these questions, I'd appreciate it greatly.


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