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Summers having difficulties swimming

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I noticed yesterday that my Moore Summers is having a hard time swimming.  I forgot to write down the results of last night's tests and doing a water change now.

It is a twenty gallon tank with two goldfish.  I had an Aqueon filter running but lost a tiny piece during a routine cleaning of the filter.  I know I need to change the filter cartridge but I have no extra funds. My workplace closed down in March and has yet to reopen.

I know the ammonia is high.  Later tonight after I finish the water change I will recheck the water.  I also saw pH was low and I only have pH down.

My other fish Charley has something on top of his head. Also either Charley is not cooperating or I do not know how to use my phone's camera.







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Hey there,  say the first thing is to take some of the tank stuff out of there. You got a big layer of rocks in there. That can cause bad bacteria in the tank.

Also you don't need ph up to raise your ph. You just need baking soda.

Start out with a 1 gallon jug of tap water test the water. Then add in a 1/8 or 1/4 teaspoon mix well test the water again. If the ph goes up a little then repeat the baking soda till you get the right ph.

Then you can figure out how much to is in a water change.

The only draw back is you will need to do a 100% water change every 2-3 months or it builds up in the tank.

Or you can use crushed coral in a bag and put it in your filter. Just replace it every month.

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