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Adopted little one

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Hi guys, hoping you can help and sorry if I'm in the wrong place. My partner and I have just adopted a sweet little fish that an elderly neighbour could no longer look after. From searching online she looks like she is a telescopic eye calico fancy tail or something or other?? I have attached some pics. So when we took her in she was in a 4L fish bowl so we instantly went to pets at home who suggested a 24L fish tank with some plants and gravel etc. So we bought what was suggested but after looking online we realised this might not be enough. She looks happy enough playing and after reading everything online most fish dont last longer than a few weeks in a fish bowl but she is already 2. Can you guys suggest if we need to do anything differently? Want to make sure she is looked after (p.s not sure if she is a girl but she was originally named Sheila 😂) thanks in advance!! Also very upset that Pets at Home sell this stuff and give you very bad advice apparently....




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Well your on the right track. 24l is still on the small side on the long run. Also your going to want good filtration and do water changes every week. Do you have a test kit?

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