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Lonely Goldfish


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I know this sounds utterly ridiculous, but I want to get a friend for my goldfish. Every time I walk past her, she dives towards me and she hovers static, staring at me when I’m on the couch. (Yes, I know she’s reacting to movement and I’m projecting, but still. 😂) I know goldfish can get a bit violent when someone comes into their space, so has anyone got any top tips on how to do it without ending up with two dead fish?

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Oh goldfish are peaceful community fish by and large. They love other goldfish!  But they also love their human feeding machines, so even though my tank has ten goldies in it they’re all glued to the glass when I come close, doing the hungry wiggle happy dance 😁

If your tank is of sufficient size you could certainly get a new friend or your existing fish, just make sure you do a quarantine first please so we don’t get both fish sick on accident!  But if you have a 40 gallon or larger tank you could fairly easily sustain two goldfish without much fuss.  And I’d be shocked if one of your fish ended up being a rare nippy goldfish.  Most chasing along goldfish is perfectly normal breeding behavior, it is SUPER rare they’re aggressive or territorial.

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