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Fancy goldfish newbie, fish in cycle. Help please!

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Hi everyone :] I've recently become the proud owner of two fancy goldfish: a black moor and an oranda, about 2.5 inches? (not totally sure but they're smaller) They also live with 4 rosy minnows.

Tank is 40G breeder.
Using prime
Also aquarium salt (added 5 tablespoons initially when I set up tank)
sand substrate
Have an air pump
Using tetra IQ 40 internal filter (I know....but I thought it would be ok for now since they're so small?) Also using some extra carbon media and sponge inside it.

The tank has been cycling for about 2 weeks. Basically I'm new to the hobby and I want to make sure I'm doing things right. I've been doing 25% water changes every other day/every couple days. Is that too much too often ? I'm going by the liquid API tests but I'm still learning how to read them, so I'm a bit paranoid. Last night when I tested, I couldn't tell if my ammonia was .25, .5, or 1 PPM (I know...quite the difference lol) so I did around a 50% change.

It's the next day and here are the testing results:

Ammonia: 0? .25?
Ph: ~7.6
Nitrate: 0
Nitrite: 0
also temp: 72 F

This makes me feel like I *am* doing it too often but like I said...paranoid...

Left to right: ammonia, ph, nitrite, nitrate



ammonia at a different angle. What do you think the reading is?



Okay, and finally some pics of the babies

I know the pics aren't great quality but if you can tell, the oranda, Moon, has a white "bump" under her(?) chin. She had it before I brought her home, too. I asked my co workers about it and they said it was nothing (I work at a pet chain). But I'm not sure. It hasn't gotten any smaller or bigger, and it doesn't seem to bother her. Any idea what it is?? I was looking into carp pox but I don't know if fancy goldfish can get that.

Thanks for reading! Any help would be much appreciated. I love my lil guys.

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As for the parameters of your tank, im assuming you read that when you cycle a tank, you always end up with some ammonia reading as the tank cycle, right? If no, i can assure you that until your tank is cycled, they will always be a small reading in ammonia and some nitrate possibly :)

I also did a Fish IN cycle and it was a bit to take in and adjust! What I did myself, i made sure to keep up with the parameters and everytime my ammonia was about at .5 (which is more or less what i can read on yours), i would do a 20 to 30 percent water change. I found over time that to cycle a tank, smaller water change more often seem to work better for me. Then i used the water conditioner foe new water added and i made sure to add a new cycle bacteria. I have a bottle of it and i also love the little Aquaeon bacteria balls. They are fantastic!! As for your filter, typically with goldfish especially if you have more than one, since they are diety little piggies, id recommend to use two of the 40 filter. That will help with keeping things moving and clean!!

Keep in mind also that over cleaning the tank gets rid of the good bacteria that is trying to colonized itself and can be damaging. For a few weeks, id recommend ypu do your small water change, add some bacteria and unless absolutley necessary, try to not wash the glass or decos. Just to give it a chance to establish and cycle. I Learnt that the hard way. I OCD clean my tank everytime and caused myself bacterial bloom 😳🙄 And once its cycled, do yourself a favor and only clean a little everytime. One corner/half for the substrate vaccuum and only a few decos. Did i ever screw up my cycle at first boy oh boy!!! Lol


Also, why did you add salt? Unless your little ones are sick salt should not be added. They are freshwater fishies. No need for that ;)


Hope this helps!!

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