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i'm going to commit and try to breed my first batch of ranchu, and this is how i (plan) to go along doing it! advice and opinions would be greatly appreciated!

- obtain a batch of several baby ranchu, all from the same breeder. (gary hater, or ranchu notes)
- raise them in large bins, 4 inches of water, feeding them 1-3 times a day with a diet consisting of brine shrimp, bloodworms, and later hikari pellets & repashy.
- continue to raise and groom them until they are ultimately ready to be placed in the 75g aqueon aquarium, deepening their back curves and providing more space.
- raise until they reach maturity, in which (hopefully) around 1 year old they will begin to show breeding behavior, and chase eachother around the tank. (hopefully my batch will include a good ratio of male and female; i will ask the breeder)
- i will let them breed naturally in a separate breeding tank container, if i am unsuccessful i may use the hand breeding method, in which hopefully that succeeds.
- my fry will hatch and i will (hopefully) raise them successfully, i may keep a few of my personal favorite fry and sell many other (HOPEFULLY) high quality other fry from my batches. i will cull the ones with deformities, etc. (i may sell those in bulk locally or to my local petshop).
- continue to groom the fry i have kept until they reach maturity, and repeat the cycle of breeding them.

(NOTE: throughout all this i will be doing 100% water changes every 4-7 days, etc)

- i will keep certain selective fish that in my 75 gallon tank for myself, most likely the fish i have already bred.

if there are any holes in my plan, please let me know. i'm not very knowledgeable on how inbreeding affects the quality of your fish, but i'm hoping to start a line from my original batch and if i meet the funds needed to start incorporating other lines into mine i will. ( i'm 14 years old, haha)


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Awesome!  I love Gary’s fish, and You May keep an eye out for Cynthia as well - East Coast Ranchu offers baby batches of eight for sale every late spring/early summer for grooming practice.  I got oranda babies from her last year and they have been doing so well.

Keep is updated on how your breeding and grooming is going, and don’t be afraid to cull aggressively.  That, clean water, and high quality protein are really key for producing a good line I think.

We don’t do much intentional breeding here, but are happy to see what you’re doing and offer tips as you go.

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