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My Fancy Tail is hanging around the bottom of his new tank


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Hey All.

I have a fancy tail goldfish for about 5 years now. His name is Marley and he is usually a lovely, interactive and happy fish. I had him in my first aquarium for around 4 and a half years and once I had the money saved up proceeded to purchase a 56L aquarium for him and also for the possibility of adding a friend or two for him.

So about the new tank. I made sure it was cycled correctly. Filter seems to be working well, I have a live plant doing well, growing consistently. I have the heater set to around 22 degrees Celsius which (according to google) to optimum for a fancy tail.

His friend, who I got around 2 weeks ago, is also a fancy tail, is much smaller than him, seems to be thriving and happy. However, I have noticed since moving Marley to his new, bigger, cycled tank, that he seems to spend a lot of time swimming around and then laying on the bottom of the aquarium for periods of time. Then swimming, then laying, etc.

At first I thought the new set up had stressed him out a bit. But now, three weeks later he is still doing the same routine. I then thought he could be constipated and added some boiled, deshelled peas to his diet. He does seem to eat small amounts during feeding time. I have not changed his food for years, just added vegetables to his diet every now and then.

So now,I'm thinking either he isnt overly fond of his new tank mate (a young fancy tail and a pleco) or maybe the aquarium lights that came with the new tank are a bit much for him? (I have noticed that he does seem to get a bit hyper when I turn the lights off at night, but not sure how long this lasts. Also seems a bit counterintuitive considering goldfish are more active during the day, but i dont know)

Anyways. If anybody has any ideas what seems to be the issue I'd appreciate some help, as it is concerning seeing my happy active friend seem so down the last few weeks since adding him to what I thought was a great aquarium set up for him.

I took photos of him lying on the bottom but not sure how to attach them here...

EDIT: Attached the photos for you to see. This is him laying on the bottom. He does have episodes of swimming and seeming happy and interactive frequently. But it's what the photos show that is concerning, as it isnt normal behaviour for him.




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The first thing I would do if it was me.

Take 50 % of the gravel a way. Also ornaments. They don't do well with them.

Also what kind of place?

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