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Best Salinity Meter?

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I use a refractometer for use with marine tanks. They are highly accurate for measuring specific gravity. But I think mine starts at about 1.015 or 20 ppm. If you want it for using as a treatment for goldfish then it doesn't measure low enough as a salt bath should be 10 ppm and a quarantine method of adding to the tank is 2-3 ppm. I don't know if a hydrometer would be able to measure that low but the 2 I had were extremely useless and broke within weeks.

For treating goldfish in QT I bought a 100 litre/25 gallon tank. The maths is easy to work out salt QT. Off the top of my head I think its 5 level tablespoons of salt per day for 3 days. But double check before as I'm not 100% as it's been about 5 years since my last salt QT. 

The tank cost me £50. A refractometer cost £50 and the two hydrometers cost £10 each. So, as you can see, they cost a similar amount anyway.

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