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two questions re water and filtration

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Hello, we have a 55 gallon tank containing one large (8 year old) fancy goldfish, one medium size (6 month old goldfish) and one large (7 inch long) dojo loach. 

Recently, we've had some fish deaths.  We lost our other large (8 year old single tail goldfish) last summer, and also our golden Dojo loach who was seven years old.  they died 

within a few weeks of each other.  We have had them in the same tank for all of those years.  We have had huge amounts of rain the past couple of years, and we have well water. 

I suspect that possibly the excess rain may be washing weird stuff into our well water that would normally be in lesser amounts. Just a theory.  Recently, we acquired two small calico fancy goldfish, and lost them within a matter of weeks.  Last winter, we also acquired a fancy goldfish, (we bought it with the medium sized goldfish we have now) and it also died after a couple of months. We have had fish for years and have never had this much problem with fish deaths.  Our water tests for Ammonia have always been zero to 0.25ppm, and I have been doing a partial water change and cleaning the tank and vacuuming the gravel about every week to ten days. I change the filters approximately once a month.  Tonight, I noticed our large fancy goldfish acting  very distressed, and her veins were showing brightly in her fins and tail. I have never seen her this way.  I tested the water and it was 0.25 ppm for ammonia, and over 7 for PH. (I don't currently have a complete test kit, so I couldn't test for nitrates, etc, but I do know our water is higher in nitrates and has always been) I did a partial water change (about 18 - 20 gallons), and put in clean decorative fixtures, and cleaned the tank and vacuumed the gravel,  and she is acting better now, but still slightly distressed.  Also, we have always filtered the tank with two 55 gallon capacity filter pumps.  One pump  died, and one was ancient and covered with algae that I couldn't get off, so I also switched that one out and we now have two new pumps; one 45 gallon capacity and one 35 - 45 gallon capacity, so, I'm assuming that the two pumps should be up to filtering our 55 gallon tank, correct?  (we like to use two, just in case one fails).  However, I'm wondering if maybe they DONT provide sufficient filtration, and that's part of the problem? Our other goldfish is acting fine, although he is darker so I can't tell if his fins are bloodshot.  And, of course, our loach doesn't have a problem. 

So, just wondering if anyone has thoughts on why we've had all these problems lately?  And what else can I do?  


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Did you add anything when the first fish passed away? Can you get photos of the fish?

Are the fish still trying to eat? Also can you show us your tank?

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