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Guest Blujaye998

Feeding question

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Guest Blujaye998

hi everyone. I am really new to owning goldfish (just got them on sunday) and I have a really important question. I have a oranda and a comet. They are both pretty small. Maybe 1.5-2 in. How much should I feed them? I have 2mm goldfish pellets but I'm not sure if I am putting the right amount in the tank or not. The whole "put in what they can eat in 2 minutes" suggestion that I have seen everywhere doesn't really tell me how much to use. 

Heres what I have been doing so far: The pet store I got them from told me to buy these expensive fish flakes so I did. I then found out that those weren't the best option so I switched to pellets. After that I found out the pellet brand I was using wasn't good for the oranda bc of its ingredients  and BBC they floated. I just switched the the new sinking 2mm pellets today. This whole time I have been feeding them 3 times a day but I've never known  if I was feeding them enough or too much. 

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