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Goldfish Color?


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I bought two large Sarasa goldfish from a place specializing in koi, goldfish, and pond building. They have this unbelievable deep red color and beautiful. I kept them in my indoor pond which was about 200 gallons. About two months now and the red is turning more orange-like and no as nearly as vibrant as they were. They are healthy. The pond is well cycled and water quality is optimal. There are 4 fish. They are fed color-enhancing Hikari food as well as pellets from the seller too which contained Spirulina and astaxanthin.

The seller kept them in water that was pretty cold due to the winter. Will cold water deepen goldfish color as it does to koi? My indoor pond is about 75°F. Also, I heard that goldfish color is generally more vibrant with sunlight due to the UVA and UVB. Would adding a UV light used for reptiles over a section of the pond stimulate their color pigment? Any suggestions? 

Thank you!

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One thing I did find out this past year. Lights to effect there coloring. I have a 40b tank with a (was Moor) and a ranchu. My lights where getting dull and my Moor was just starting to get some orange on her. So I got a new Led light on there. It slowed it down but the damage was done. She's almost all orange now.

They are both feed Fluval bug bites for the most part. Sometimes the get Omega food as a treat. So I know it's not the food.

I would love others opinions about this.it is always an interesting view.

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