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Would love a second opinion on my nitrates today

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So hard to tell.  First pics "looks" like 40ppm, 2nd 20 ppm.  I'm always scratching my head at the best of times - the higher ranges are harder to interpret.  I like the Salifert nitrate test kits a little better - it is easier to read different shades of pink/purple.

What I do is do a 50% water change anyways - the lower ranges of the nitrate colour chart are easier to decipher.  Take another reading after the water change and mentally double the readings value .  What I mean is that if the nitrate reading after a 50% water change reads 20ppm, then nitrates before the water change would have been about 20ppm x 2 or about 40ppm?  In my (totally unscientific) experience, the nitrate readings after a 50% water change are not as bad as I originally thought.

I may be totally wrong, but the fish will always benefit from a water change.  It would be interesting to know other aquarists experiences if they do this or am I totally out to lunch.  :Beware:

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