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Fictional “iguana” care questions

Miss Bad Wolf

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I like to write and one of my characters has an “iguana” (really a dragon hatchling).

I have not had a real iguana in maybe a decade or a decade and a half.  So how I took care of my Annika might be different than how my character takes care of her pet Chika.  Given the fact that Chika has wings, but does not breath fire (yet), Chika’s care would be different.

How long does it take a normal iguana to go from a baby to be 4 feet long?  My fictional pet took about a year to get that long, is that too fast? (But then I want Chika to be a riding dragon so she is going to get a lot bigger in the future).

Until that happens, I have her live in a multilevel cat cage with iguana lights.  What else would she need to be comfortable and happy (assuming she has similar needs to an iguana)?


Maybe if anyone has any stories of real iguanas who use multilevel cat cages for their pet.   I know from my history of having one iguana that had hurt her nose on a chicken wire fence home-made cage, some habitats are not safe for the pet.  Would a cat cage that might be found at a vet or pet store or shelter would work for an iguana?


What else would I need to know to make this more “realistic”?  I know dragons are not real.

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