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New fish in Quarantine - how Long in salt water?


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Question. New 5” shubunkin in a 20 gallon tank. As of yesterday I’ve got her up to 3% salt. How do you decide how long to leave the salt in before you start the water changes to remove the salt? 


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I keep the tank at the .3% level the entire quarantine time if they’re tolerating it well. Should be 4-ish weeks at a minimum for the quarantine, but you can stop the salt after two weeks if you’ve warmed the water up.  The warmer water shortens the life cycle of any parasites, so keeping it in the 78-82 degree range with really good circulation and surface area is ideal.

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1 hour ago, FishyMandy said:

Did you mean 0.3% ?


If the fish appears healthy I usually only salt for a week or two in QT, but I dont go higher than 0.3% unless im doimg a salt dip. I usually dose some prazi during QT as well

I used your quarantine instructions. 1 tsp per gallon. 3X , 12 hours apart.   I didn’t realize I need to heat the water. It’s pretty cold here in Massachusetts so I can dig out my heater.  

I have a filter on the 20 gallon QT tank and I am doing a 5 gallon water change every other day. Adding the salt back in when I do the change. She looks really healthy but I’ll look into getting the Prazi from my LFS. 


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