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White spots and tail/fin fraying

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I tell ya I'm starting to think if I didn't have bad luck I wouldn't have any at all. lol Just joking, kinda. I opened the package that my Silver was in and I bought the Nasal Spray on accident. I tried my best to put 2 drops in. I called the pet store they said they had New Life Spectrum sinking pellets for goldfish. All they had was 1 mm pellets.  My goldies are huge. I tested them and I had to force them to sink. Then they could hardly see them to eat them but my goldies thought they were the bee's knees! I'll add those to their diet. I asked if they had liquid testing for GH and KH. They had test strips. The Wonder shells are mini, meant for bowls. I'm glad I bought them though as the strips said my tanks Carbonate and GH were low. I do have crushed coral in my sump. Any-hoo. Thank you sooo much for your help! Crossing my fingers. They've been healthy for a long time. I'm optimistic that they will heal and feel better. :pianobanana
Lol that sounds like a few days I had recently lol

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