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HellOOO everyone! 

Can Goldfish reach Overweight??? I asked because I have a Ranchu that its been with me for 2 years and some months, I had him with 2 more fishes in my 75G tank, it was to a point were he was by himself in the tank, he grew a lot compared to was he was when the other fishes were there, now 10-01-19 this ranchu weight its 270G and about 7inches. 

In the passed 6 months or less I have added 3 more Orandas that I have acquired, and while I weights my fishes to feed them the right amount of food, I noticed that the Ranchu (since he's bigger) is eating way more than the Orandas and than what he supposed to be eating. 

its just a concern that I haven't found any articles to read about, if anyone here can direct me or we can start a breakdown even better...


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May we see a photo of the ranchu?
I want to see to make sure it's nor dropies or fatty liver issue. Some fish do get large. I have a ranchu that is round as can be. I only feed home 2-3 times a day.

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15 hours ago, Mike73 said:


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That's a very nice and groomed ranchu. For some what comparison of each other here's my chunk. Lol









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Oh and yours looks more of a lionchu.... See the longer not so tucked tail? Compared to mine. Ranchus have a very tucked in tail fin. Skinheads have a straighter tail and no tuck to them.


But that is a very nice and chubby fish👍👍👍

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