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Is a big jump in nitrites normal?

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I’m still in the process of cycling my tank...fishless cycle by adding fish food. Yesterday the nitrites were at 0.50 ppm (api liquid test), and I added a bunch of fish food — even though I probably shouldn’t have added that much — to generate more ammonia. Today the nitrites jumped all the way up to 5 ppm! Are such big, sudden jumps like that normal for a cycling tank?Thanks, I just need to know if I did something wrong... 

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The change in the amount of nitrate doesn't tell us anything unless we also know the amount of ammonia and nitrite at the same times.  
She's talking about nitrites.
If your nitrites are at 5ppm you need to do a water change. You don't want them to get higher than 2ppms or it will stall the cycle.

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