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Swim bladder & diet

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Hi.. I’m fairly new to goldfish & recently set up a tank - 240 litres, drip tray type filter lined with noodles & alfagrog mix plus floss plus sponge, Eheim 400 air pump plus spray bar from powerhead so plenty of air / surface agitation. Very little current. Tank is quite tall (approx 1m L x 400mm H x 300mm D). Have 2 x 4 inch quality Orandas purchased from reputable source. Change 50% water weekly. Ammonia 0 / Nitrite 0 / Nitrate 40ppm (added noodles etc to filter now to counter this). 

One fish seems in fine health. Other (from different source) however has swim bladder issues, which seem to have developed since I’ve had. He is fairly deep bodied but with fairly small wen. Issue seems diet related. I feed Hikari pellets (use syringe to drive air out so fish feed mid tank & bottom), veg, fruit, bloodworm & mussels. Since bladder issues have tried feeding peas only for 3 days & also feeding peas once then nothing for 2 days. The pea thing works, but immediately after feeding anything else issue returns. Also issue occurs immediately after feeding peas, but then goes. Have noticed when feeding bulkier food like mussels problem is worst. When troubled fish will float to surface & gulp air. While foraging he will often tip over. He will always manage to make way to bottom when food’s involved! I sense he may have been fed on floating food before from early behaviour. Apart from this he seems in fine health..

Many thanks in advance for any thoughts you may have. I realise such issues are mightily difficult to advise on remotely but any suggestions are massively appreciated 🙂

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