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My fish got stuck in the bag! Seems ok....

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I feel like such a dummy. My daughter got two fancy goldfish a week ago, one gold and one black. They were doing great. Today I found the black one, her favorite, dead behind the heater. I thought it got stuck, but the pet shop person said it probably just went there to die. I don't know.

So she and her mom brought a replacement home in a bag. My wife asked me to put it in the tank (which has been up and running for a week.) I wanted to use a net, but she said to just empty the bag into the tank. I did, carefully, and all the water went out but the fish got stuck. I got it unstuck and in the tank in 10-15 seconds, and it seems fine, but I can't help but worry that I did it some damage. I didn't touch the fish myself. Has this happened to anyone? 

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