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Dandy Orandas Closed


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The auctions at Dandy Orandas are closed for now . . . 

Check out what he posted on his Auction page:

Everything Must Go SALE!!! FINAL WEEKEND concluded LAST WEEK.

Due to tariffs on goldfish!???, my supply has been seriously impacted. I've been keeping this to myself since last fall when I received an unexpected bill for several thousand dollars due to the 10% tariff. Now due to current trade uncertainties, and an increase to 25%, I simply can't afford to import fish as I've done every year at this time. As a result, I am running out of stock. Instead of spreading out current stock over several weeks, I plan on selling everything this weekend, then ceasing operations for at least a few months. Hopefully, there will be a return to reasonable trade soon, but only time will tell. Since 1986, Dandy Orandas has provided American's with fish that simply weren't available outside of China. That's required a unique set of variables including knowledge of fish pathology, understanding and navigation of import methods, good connections and communication with Chinese suppliers, great customer support, and many other hats that I've had to wear to make this business a success. It's also taken actual blood, sweat, and even a few tears. Goldfish have been my life every day for the last couple decades, and my main supplier is one of my best friends. Our relationship goes way beyond just business, and it's unfortunate that we are in this position. While Americans are being told otherwise, please know that tariffs are NOT being paid by China. They are a direct tax on importers that is then passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices. With my current business model...doing everything indoors in Michigan, my over-head is already very high. With this additional tariff, I find myself with an equation that no longer works. These fish are already expensive, and I'm not about to try and make up for the extra cost by raising prices for my customers. I understand the desire to address some of the issues with trade, but goldfish are not the problem, and a tariff on them is unreasonable and not the answer. And, goldfish imports are a drop in the ocean when it comes to the trade imbalance that Trump is trying to change.

I'm not sure how I will pay the bills once auctions stop, but I refuse to go through all the stress and hard work just to see my income consumed by tariffs. Please help support me and Dandy Orandas by buying my SUPER GOLD food. While it's sold on places like Amazon, I don't get any proceeds from those sales. No one has better prices than me, and shipping is FREE. I also have an exclusive size that no one else has. Orders usually ship the same day, or within 24 hours, so there's no advantage to getting it anywhere else. I spent years working on the formula, and am confident that it's the best food on the planet for goldfish. It's all that I've fed for over two years, and results are better than I've ever seen in decades of keeping goldfish.

I'm down now, but not out. With this business, I've had to deal with many problems over the years, but Dandy Orandas is my life, and I will be back!

More info and updates to come.

Thanks to everyone for your support.

best regards,

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I just can't believe this is happening. This is so sad. They have been up and running since we have been. To see a place that loves goldfish so much as we do go away saddens me.

I will be sure to check out his food. :) 

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