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Snails, goldfish and a twenty gallon tank

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I am going to put my goldfish in a twenty gallon tank soon. After I transition them to their new tank, how long should I wait till I think bout snails? Would snails help keep algae off the glass? Or are they too much trouble?



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Snails would be like adding another fish to the tank. So I would say no to it since a 20 gallon tank is big enough for just one goldfish :) 

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I am thinking again about snails, but there is a different but similar reason now.  I am having major algae on glass problems.  The room my aquarium is in has 3 big windows that face the south as it is on the south side of the home.

  1. What can I do to help the tank after I add a snail or two?
  2. what is a good type snail to put in an aquarium to help with algae??
  3. Do snails live off algae?  Or do I need to find a way to feed them?
  4. Would choosing the right snail, keep the snail population in check
  5. or is any snail that has that issue?  Maybe snails like making snail babies?
  6. do snails have different requirements than a fish
  7. I got distracted writing this post and I forgot point 7
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