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Fishless Cycle: Did it complete?

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Hi all,
First post to this forum in a long, long time. After 5 years or so, I'm trying to get my aquariums up and running again and have found my memory is kinda foggy. I am in the process of doing a fishless cycle. I'm using fish food to produce ammonia, and am afraid I didn't use enough to produce the right results.

Here are the tank basics:
- Size: 5g tank w/ aqueon quietflow E filter, and aqueon 10w mini heater
- Future fish: betta
- Substrate: Caribsea Eco Complete 
- Plants: 1 live Anubias congensis (TopFin brand, Petco I think) 
- Other organics: 1 7" cattapa leaf, small hunk of driftwood
- Cycle starter: Omega One Betta Buffet pellets

Cycle Tracking:

As you can see in the screen cap of my tracker, the ammonia only went up to 0.5, then it dropped back to 0. But, it did result in nitrites and then a stable nitrate reading. Can I call it cycled? Or do I need to juice it up with more food again so the ammonia goes higher, like 10 or 20, and drops back to 0 before I call it fish ready?

Thanks all. Appreciate any input.

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You don't want the ammonia to go about the 2ppm mark. You do have nitrates so that's good.

I would say that its not quite cycled. If you want cause I haven't done it with food before, is add some more in. then test in about 24 hours. 

Like I said I haven't done it with food, just ammonia and the bacterial starter :) 

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