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Well, I hope this works this time.  The tiny baby is a telescope.  He/she was the smallest fish in the store, and my daughter fell in love with him.  He kept following us, and the rest of the fish in that tank ignored us...LOL!  The orange oranda was rehomed to us, and the what is supposed to be a calico Ryukin...after looking at pics not thinking so.  I did go for a water test at the store today, and pointed out that what they had labeled as a Ryukin wasn't looking like pics I had seen online, and was told they just mark them as how they are listed when they get them.  I told the manager that was pretty crappy.  Either way, maybe there is some Ryukin in there, but I love his/her coloring.  He metallic scales that are pretty flashy.  All of them are happy together, and we're enjoying them, so that's all that matters in the end.


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Ryukins may not show much hump when they are small.  Or you may have a fantail.  Ryukins fill many tanks at pet stores, and are probably the most common fancies in the big box pet stores.  Calico fantails are a lot harder to find.

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