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Freshly Cleaned Fish Tank for First Day of Spring!


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Happy Spring! It's been a while since I've visited, but I'm so happy to have a freshly cleaned fish tank (and pump) today, as well as a happy, healthy fish (Bubbles, my ranchu) that I thought I'd say "hi!" to you all and share a photo. :hi

I'm still using the Tahitian black moon sand, but I've had to remove quite a bit of it to get rid of the stuff that keeps accumulating on top-- it's super hard to keep that black sand clean! I've also removed several of my river rocks, again to make it easier to clean. (The smaller rocks also keep disappearing into the sand due to Bubbles digging and moving the sand around.)  I've kept a few large rocks to hold down the live plants--the anubias, ferns, and anacharis (which have a habit of breaking off into little bits and clogging the filter intake). By the way, the plants have just thrived under the new UV tank lights! And I've kept the bubble stone as a toy for Bubbles to play with. It's hard to see the piece of dark mopani wood in there, but I worked so hard to boil it to remove the tannins, that it's gonna be a part of my tank for a long while... Enjoy!


Bubbles Clean Tank Photo.jpg

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I like the style of your tank. Your plants look really healthy in there. I wish I could make my plants look that nice. I seem to be getting hair algae and I dont know where it came from.

What kind of lighting do you have ? 

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Hi all,

Thanks so much for all your positive feedback about my planted tank last year! :heart I think it's so clear because of the filter -- it's a Fluval 307.

I don't remember the details of the aquarium lights, except that they're full spectrum UV lights, specifically for a planted tank. I no longer buy anacharis plants because the quality of them at our local PetSmart is not great. I turned up the bubbles for this photo, and because my fish (Bubbles) loves to play in them!


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