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Lost my old username

Fish Em

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Hi all. I joined this forum almost  3 years ago when we got 5 feeder comets for our 600 gallon pool. I lost my old user name here. Anyway, 3 didn't make it. 2 survived but I got swamped with my betta breeding project and my husband's friend really wanted the goldfish. He had them for almost two years and then he got busy so he dropped them here. We just got them back and they look very well taken care of. They are 5-6 inches. 

Right now they are in a 20 gallon because that is what I have until spring. The tank is cycled thankfully (was starting to culture scuds in it but gave up few days ago due to snail outbreak!) and doing water changes everyday! I am going to read and refresh my knowledge from this site of goldfish so I can continue taking care of them the best I can. And ask questions. Thanks!




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:welcome back!

I sure hope to see your tank and fish.

If you remember your old username and email to it I might be able to help you. You can email me at kokosgoldfish@gmail.com

Dont forget we have a raffle going on in the General  Goldfish section .

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