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I've never used their "Instant Aquarium" sand - you're paying extra for "live bacteria" in a bag.  Whether it actually helps your filters cycle quicker or not, I have no idea.

I would personally stick with their regular sand substrate w/o live bacteria and rely on water changes and your own seeded bacteria to cycle your filters.  Perhaps any of their "Super Naturals" line.  I mentioned in a previous post to you that I use their Aragonite sand but that suits my local water conditions.  I've used that sand successfully in my African cichlids and goldfish tanks.  It will buffer your water and raise your pH levels, but that is what I wanted.

Avoid their "sugar sand" though.  It is so fine it packs like mud.  I know from personal experience.   :( Perhaps the .5mm or larger grain sized sand if you like the look, I'm sure your goldfish will be happy with whatever you choose!

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