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Just wanted to show off Raven a bit


First Photo is Raven when I got her in Jan 2016
Second is from December 2016
Third is From September 2017
And Last two are from Today *Don't mind the filthy bucket, I was cleaning pond and took the opportunity for photo when I caught her lol






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Thanks Myra ^^ I suspected she was a Koi Hybrid when I got her but wasn't really sure since Koi are illegal here. But how she is grown and kept her colour, and her shape show there is definitely some Koi in there

She is definitely one of, if not, my favourite pond fish. I'd be devastated if I lost her.

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Well hopefully she doesn't die anytime soon. She's definitely a nice fish. Very different. Definitely a Koi mix... But that's a good thing because that's what makes her the way she is.

My favorite fish is still little Bayana. If I can grow him large enough, he may be a show stopper. He's the smallest one of the group, so I am not sure he will grow well... But I sure hope so. 

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She has gotten so big!  Interesting physical characteristics too.  If she doesn’t have some koi in there I’d be surprised too, especially with the broadness through her gills.  That is a very torpedo shape for a Goldie :)

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WOW! WOW! She has grown and into such a pretty fish. I do have to say she is one of my Favorites too :) I agree she does look like there is Koi mixed in with her :) 

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