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Mud pond experiment


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December 26. Drained to clean out and check for babies... Luckily enough, all 7 babies are still alive. Elizabeth continues to seem weaker than the rest, but no goldfish shall be brought inside and so she went back with the rest. The mud hole was quite clean at the bottom. Scraped out a few leaves and some loose mud and that was that. 

All fish very tiny, ranging from 5-10 grams. Despite that, they aren't thin. They won't grow at all during winter. Any that make it to spring should begin to grow. 









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3 hours ago, adnan said:

Lovely calicos, especially the fancy ones! 

By the way your voice is lovely, sounds like a narrator of documentary movie 👍

Thank you. The fancy goldfish are my favorites too. And THANK YOU about the voice thing. Very kind of you. 

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There's no visibility whatsoever right now... But the babies seem A-OK. We've had a warm spell where temps have been near 70 and they've gotten a tad hungry. I need a new net... The other one plainly sucks. With the size of the fish and the visibility of the water, I'm not concerned about predators too much... But if they begin to grow, it'll be a concern. The hunter we have here is an owl. He hunts only at night. It's truly quite large... With the fish looking like tiny little a pecks lol

Still totally gross looking but fishies are fine. In spring I'm going to make some adjustments to it... But for now we wait. 

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So here's an update outside... I also fixed an issue with the overflow. Kosmos is gone. I strongly believe he didn't die of natural causes. I believe he was eaten or he went over the overflow during the last heavy rain. Their growing sizes make both a possibility. He was always the strongest one and vanished without a trace. I've got it secure now so we shall see. 

Anyway all the others are fine. 

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