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Hi everyone! I’m new to this forum, I recently transferred over from the goldfish keepers forum. I am kind of hoping for a more interactive time here. On the other forum people are not as interactive and in a lot of ways I feel like if your not “in the in crowd” then your shut out. So I thought I’d give this a try. My name is Sarah and I’m from NY. I have 7 butterfly telescope goldfish that Are my babies! I have been keeping goldfish for years and am always looking to make new friends who enjoy the hobby. In my free time I write blogs, make vlogs and manage my webpage tubulartelescopes.com. Right now I’m working on a project for my website. I am making hand designed goldfish coffee mugs and I’m so in love with them. I posted pictures of them here along with my current fish.  When I’m not working on all of that stuff l, I usually spend time with my other animals. I have two Boston terriers, two cats a cockatiel a bunny and two bearded dragons. Thanks for reading and I hope to meet a lot of fellow goldfish lovers here 😊

















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4 hours ago, Tubulartelescopes said:

Thank you! It’s 125 gallons. The hubby bought it last year for me for my birthday. It was a steal on CL😊

125 is a very nice tank. I have been wanting a bigger one but I don't have the room in this old house of mine. 

Where did you get your Telescopes cause dang those are some really nice looking fish :) 

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Welcome, Nice tank and fish!  Does it take long to do your maintenance on your tank?  I had a couple of 6 footers going and though I miss them, it was unreal how much time I had on my hands when they were actually gone.

Forums aren't what they used to be anymore, this is a nice place to be.  The "other" had some real hardcore hobbyist/breeders in the past that posted combative posts but if you can wade through that stuff, it is useful for research though.  But no warm, fuzzy feelings. 

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