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Bruce and Calvin

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So Sunday...was feeling very emotional after suddenly losing Junior on Saturday night. I went to the local markets to look around to get out of the house. Someone had a stall and was selling goldfish...I think you can see where this is going. I said I wasn't going to buy any more goldies unless I saw a ranchu or oranda I really liked...these are neither. I blame the emotions I was going through persuading me I needed them. I love them though and it was nice to have a distraction.


Bruce is the calico....nymph? Shubunkin? I think Nymph..he looks too short bodied too be a Shubie. he has a deformed dorsal which I think looks like a birth defect, I think it adds character, he looks like a shark so is named after the shark in finding nemo.

Calvin is the Orange Telenymph. She is quite clumsy and the name Calvin just came to me for her (or him, I'm not sure yet, I'm learning towards her)








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