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TONS of Water Sprite-live plant


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As you can see from the photo below on a nearly 48" towel I have a [censor] ton of Ceratopteris thalictroides, more commonly known as water sprite. Asking $26 shipped.

I've kept this stuff in goldfish tanks before-this batch is from a fish-less/snail-less tank.  Goldfish are fine with the plant jsut give them some blanched leafy greens or repashy soilent green to eat.  Water sprite grows fast-this is more than 4x what I had in the tank 3 months ago!  Great for absorbing nitrates from your poop monsters.
Payment Via PayPal.
Shipping in Continental US only.
Will be shipping in a medium priority box, I ship Mondays through Thursdays.

Disclaimer: they did come from a tank with duckweed.  Iv'e washed it out as best I can.  But that's why I am only asking ~$12+ shipping cost for so much.
Have in a tank with a clamp light for now, would like to get these sold by Monday 22/10/18.  Or I may dump them or use in other tanks.


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1 hour ago, mjfromga said:

I can't use this much or I would have bitten. Hopefully someone else got these :)

I ended up using most of them to redo a betta tank.  just going to toss whats left


so consider thread closed

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