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Treatment help for goldfish isolating itself


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My favorite goldie is isolating himself, so I'd really appreciate some help with how to treat him. I have a 75 gal aquarium, with 3 filters (75 g - 120 g filters), plus 2 large oxygen bars. I do a 50-75% water change once a week. I have 3 orandas, 1 ryukin, 1 black moore, 1 mixed baby, and 1 ranchu. I have had all of these for over a year, except the baby. Two of them successfully mated. My PH  is pretty high, around 8.1-8.2. I currently have no gravel  in the aquarium, bc I was waiting to move the aquarium once more before getting everything just perfect (we're going through a remodel). My ranchu, who would previously be social and dart around the aquarium with excitement, now spends his days inside the dark castle, completely isolated. He will come out for feeding, but only after a few minutes of me calling for him. I haven't noticed any damaged fins or suspicious spots. He is not floating or sinking, just choosing to isolate himself all the time. Any suggestions on what I can do? He is my absolute favorite. Will update with parameters this afternoon. 

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Please read our guidelines for healthy goldfish.  Your tank is big enough for 3-4 goldfish, not 7.  

Your pH lies within the ideal range.

How big are the openings in that castle?  Even if they have a diameter twice the height/ width of your largest goldfish,  your goldfish will keep getting taller and wider.  For some reason, goldfish, particularly fancy goldfish, like to get into small spaces.  Eventually, they get stuck and hurt themselves trying to get out. 

I have had fish get stuck between a plant pot and the side of the tank.  I've seen, on this forum, fish that got caught between a heater and the wall of the tank and suffered burns as a result.  While I have been able to heal surface injuries from getting stuck, the fish apparently suffer internal injuries from struggling to get free and they eventually die from these.

Could you show us a full tank view of your set up?

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