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Suspected beginnings of Swim Bladder disorder?


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Would you please report your nitrogen parameters?  You are feeding a lot of food even if you use tiny amounts of each.  I don't know of any serious evidence that floatiness comes from digestion problems, but obesity definitely can lead  to floating. 

I've had a few fish that  would float a bit if the nitrate got high.  Since all of my fish now live in aquaponics systems nitrate runs zero or at least too low to detect.

Since fish food has little iron, I have to add a bit to the water for the plants.  If I add a bit too much, some fish float.  I put the fish in fresh water for an instant cure, and reduce the amount of iron.  If clean water cures the floatiness,  you should suspect water quality.



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No problem, I keep a journal of my test results and set up.

These were my last Nitrogen readings as of Saturday taken just before their weekly water change:

Ammonia  0ppm

Nitrite 0ppm

Nitrate approx. 20ppm

The only tests I do regularly are for Nitrate and TDS measurements.  From mid Oct to until 2 weeks ago, nitrates were barely measurable with the API tests.  Colour barely registers with the API test reagents so I picked up a Salifert nitrate test kit to confirm my results.  That tested 2ppm before the weekly water change.  So it was a bit of a surprise that nitrates were higher and the only variable is cleaning the filter housing and rinsing the biomedia the week before (old tank water).  We have a few local hobbyists tinkering with biomedia geared for denitrification and most users experienced dentrificaton to within 6 months.   I have similar results in 2 other tropical fish tanks, but the goldfish are my heaviest nitrate producers.

When I was on vacation for 2 weeks, they fish were fed only duckweed.  I left a barrel of prepared water, so several gallons were changed out several times a week.  When I came back, nitrates still measured 2ppm.

I target nitrates to 10ppm or less between water changes - either through water changes or filtration. 

Sorry for the food confusion.  My regular feeding regime is a surface skim of duckweed with an empty yogurt container in the morning. An 1/8 tsp of NLS Algaemax early afternoon.  That's usually gone within half a minute.  Occasionally another helping of duckweed late afternoon and either an 1/8 tsp of NLS Algaemax or frozen bloodworms in the evening.  With this schedule I don't see any symptoms of floatiness.  It's only lately when I push it a bit and try to hand feed the ranchus some Repashy Solient Green and the Oranda manages to steal a piece here or there.

The other foods listed in my prior post were fed in the past before the Oranda experienced greater floatiness symptoms.  When I was testing which foods that produces symptoms, I would include a feed of that food with just duckweed.  If Mr Oranda develops symptoms, I go back to all duckweed for several days until the symptoms disappear.  When I was experimenting with different foods, I would feed the food for 5 consecutive days and if symptoms develop, that food would be on my no go list.  My experimenting was during the period after I came back and when nitrates consistently measured 2ppm.  So from that testing, duckweed, NLS Algaemax, frozen bloodworms were agreeable to the Oranda.  He swims and forages well (for an Oranda) and has a surprising burst of fancy goldfish speed when he spies food.

Obesity?  I'm not sure, to my untrained eye, they look proportional from the day I first bought them, about a year ago now.  I have a friend that owns her own fish store and the medium to large goldfish imports she brings in looks heavy to me.  Most fancy goldfish pics I see in fish shows do not look right to me.


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