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Hey guys!  I'm sorry to be posting in this area, but I am down to one goldfish due to a power outage while we were on vacation.  She (I think, there's no breeding stars that I've seen and I haven't seen her chase anybody) has been acting sad this whole week.  She lived with Lilly for a year+ at least, and now that Lilly is gone, she's just been hiding in one of the corners of the aquarium.  I did a 50% H20 change, and put some algae wafers in there and she didn't touch those (normally they'd go wild on those), and she doesn't seem to have ate much food either.  I think she would be happier with other goldfish to swim with, but with a new puppy on the way and my husband working so much, I'm afraid that we won't be able to give the aquarium the attention it needs to justify getting another fish. 

I'm not sure what her weight is, but she's about the size of my size 6 hand - so about 5 inches or so with the tail, maybe more. and about as close to golf ball size as can be, and about 2 years old.  I've never seen her act aggressive, she just took to Lilly when we first got her and always stuck by her side.  She was sold to us as a Crown Pearlscale, but really, I think she's a pearlscale/oranda hybrid.  Just as cute in my opinion.  We named her Cali because she looked Calico when we first got her.   She's Orange and white with a broad tail now.   

First pic is Cali, the second one, Cali is the bottom right fish. 

I'm in the Dayton area, so message me if you would like to meet up somewhere, or where you would like her shipped to if interested.  




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