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Buddy's Metamorphosis


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Buddy has undergone quite the dramatic colour change over the past couple of weeks. Interestingly enough its been since I put the heater into bump the temp up just a couple of degrees until the warmer weather gets here for the Bristlenose.

These photos are all from my phone so not great but they get the idea across lol
Here he was a month ago, on the 9th of August 



4 Days ago on the 6th of September

Today on the 10th of September



It's amazing how fast and sudden this change was! he was yellow and white when I got him, brightened up to highlighter orange in the pond and stayed like that for the past year? Only getting bolder and bolder with the orange...and now it's all Nope bye No orange now. Lol. Goldfish always amuse me with their colour changes

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I have 4 Ryukins. All from the same spawn. The reds on two of the boys intensified and whatnot as usual. But one boy who had red lost all of it and is now totally white. He is that deep yellowish white though. And their sister, who was all white when I got her... Is still all white but doesn't have that yellow hue like her brother. So funny to me. 

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It is funny! Buddy was yellow and white when I got him, and his yellow soon deepened into that bright highlighter orange. As of right now his tail is still mostly orange and he has a bit of orange on his fins, but the rest of him is white.

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