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Kosmos (pronounced sort of like COAST - MOST but mushed together) is really a lovely little guy. Split tail almost all the way, two identical anal fins, cute color pattern with plenty of blue and specks, cute little ridge above his head and body not TOO long. I sure hope he does fine. As an adult, he would probably be a nice guy. The meme is hilarious btw. And correct. 

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8 hours ago, FishyMandy said:

The tests sound interesting. I really do love the fantail. 


This is silly but I saw a similar meme on facebook and it gave me inspiration to make this lol


:tomuch: I remember that show :lol

But that is me! I have to stay out of fish stores or this happens to me :rofl 

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So brother and I just came in after a ton of digging and whatnot. I got some more dirt from way at the bottom and chucked it in. This time I picked a looser bit of dirt rather than clay rock. Their reaction was interesting. 

They immediately begun sifting through and and trying to eat everything in sight (only to realize it wasn't food and spitting it back out). But even after this brief video... They still hung around the dirt and sifted through it and everything. 

I am trying to introduce them slowly to the environment that I want to put them in. I want to watch their adjustment and see what happens. Tomorrow I will get a weigh in on them. Too tired today. Figured to post here in case anybody wanted to follow along. 

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