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ARG brand Kanamycin Sulfate - not really dissolving?

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Kind of an off topic question, didn't know where to put it. I'm trying to treat a goldfish using ARG branded Kanamycin Sulfate. Dosage is 1/2 tsp per ten gallons. However this makes the water so cloudy, some of it settles on the bottom, settles on the fish etc. Is this normal? The tank just looks horrible. I'm going to redose today and try to shake the hell out of it before it goes in the tank.


I found the product here http://www.angelsplus.com/MedsAntibiotic.htm


Thanks for any info.

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Huh.  Have you tried mixing it with a little rubbing alcohol to see if that dissolves it before mixing the solution into water?  Castile soap is another popular emulsifier for some of the more difficult powders.  

We are talking just drops though, like a half teaspoon of alcohol or 1/4 teaspoon of Castile soap plus the meds plus about a quarter cup of water, then the whole solution mixed into a ten gallon tank volume.  

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