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RAOK Salvinia Minimia live floating plant


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RAOKing off some salvinia minima, harvesting from several tanks.  Just pay $8 for usps small flat rate box via PayPal.  PM me your paypal email and I will send an invoice for shipping cost

2 packages available currently.-if hey sell out just pm me, I'll contact you when i have grown more to see if you are still interested.

Salvinia minima is a great floating plant for aquariums, its easy to grow than frogbit and water lettuce-it does not mind being under a lid, doesn't burn from bright light, and doesn't rot from condensation drips, nor is it picky about air flow (like frogbit and water lettuce).  Its an undemanding grower, and helps diffuse light for those with planters tanks getting a bit too much light, and helps suck up excess nutrients/nitrates  bettas love making bubble nets in it, an enjoy the shade it gives.  If you ever want to be rid of it its much easier to remove completely than duckweed.

Its good for shrimp and fish fry-place to hide and find food on the roots!

I don't know if goldfish will eat this, I've not tried it in their tank.

Portion= 10"x6" tub




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Please understand that  Salvinia minima is a harmful invasive species that can destroy natural ecosystems, so make sure that none of this gets into any lakes, ponds, or streams.  It can choke off the native plants and grow so thick that it blocks gas exchange, killing fish.  Neither tasty nor nutritious, it doesn't get eaten. 

You can have it in an aquarium, but just make sure that you dispose of excess in a way that makes sure none gets in natural bodies of water.

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