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Yujin Gashapons Goldfish


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I'm selling my Yujin Gashapons Goldfish collection.  There are 12 goldfish in all and 6 of them are still in the original bags.  The other 6 were on display but they are still in excellent condition and come with all parts (base, peg, fish, and plant).  Check out this website to see detailed photos (you'll get all of them except the *bonus* fish).  The bonus fish are the three at the bottom right with the windmill ornaments : http://www.gachadama.net/archives/21

These are collector items and they are very difficult to find.  Prices start at around $10 each and go higher from there.  Get them from me and pay just $85.00 shipped. 

Check out this unboxing video that our member Sakura (aka Solid Gold Aquatics) posted.  You might want to skip to the 4:00 mark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SA-Nr3fmaD4

Of the ones I'm offering, two have slightly different colors.  The Red Capped Oranda's color is whiter and looks more natural than the one she has.  And the Calico Jikin has white coloration instead of a clear part, which again, is more natural.

So get ready to have a bunch of beautiful Yujin Goldfish to place around the house!  Put some in your car, put them on your desk at work and let the stress melt away!

I take paypal, checks or postal money orders. 

This offer ends in a week, on August 31st of 2018, so PM me and get your Yujin Goldfish Collection NOW!

Check my Reviews:  https://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/topic/94469-positive-review-of-acro/

And photos of the actual Yujin Goldfish you are getting!



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