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Snail babies and a single fry.

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So I live in South Florida and my friends outdoor pond has an infestation of island apple snails (they are non natives) she gave me 2 clutches of eggs to hatch (my lfs will take them once they are big enough and trade me for store cred.) I hatched 200 eggs and messed up a lot. I have about 10 survivors that are currently living in a 5g tank with a sponge filter. This morning I moved an algae covered decoration from my other tank into theirs as well as purchased duckweed from the nearby petstore that got it in by accident. I had mentioned to the lady at the petstore that there was a single fry in the duckweed (which was kept in their ram cichlid tank). Now it could be a different type of fish but I would expect that it would have been eaten quickly by the rams if it wasn't one of theirs? Anyways she didn't seem to care much and scooped him up in my duckweed. So now in my 5g tank I cut a bit of my biofilter from my cycled hexagon and added it to the tank near the sponge filter and added the duckweed and the algae. What should I do next?
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A food source is needed. Depending on how small the Friday is that could range greatly in the amount of foods that you have available. If it is large enough you could do baby brine shrimp or finally crushed almost powder like flake food.

As far as what the Fry is at this point I could not tell you.

I know some people use egg yolk or repashy gel powder but I have never done either of those. also if you have a little bit of algae growing in the tank but probably won't hurt anything. Depending on the type of fish it is it could eat on some of the allergy and even if not it will help with water quality.

Best of luck with your mystery fish.

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