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Moving house with fish


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I will be moving out of my parents house in a few weeks for university to somewhere roughly a 6 hour drive away. I have two goldfish and I’m wondering if it would be safe to take them with me on such a long journey and how I might go about it.

It’s possible for me to leave them with my parents as they are willing to take care of them and i’ll be back every few months for holidays but i’d much rather take them with me if possible.

How would I go about transporting my fish (one about 6cm /10 including tail the other a few cm smaller) on such a long journey??



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Sure you can. I moved mine from CA to Oregon :)

What I did was placed them in to buckets or you can use containers with an air stone (battery operated) and tank water they live in :) 


Also put your media in a bucket to with tank water, this will save your BB's in it. 

I would suggest not feeding them the day before so they don't spoil the water so much. :)


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