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How soon to upgrade

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2905DBCF-2E62-45A8-BD91-82ED14B6ECE9.thumb.jpeg.e621e536ec112fa74f460e9389b5ec32.jpegHey , new to this site . Recently got interested in goldfish keeping . I have A 20 gallon tall aquarium with an aqua clear 70 and a sponge filter . Plan on getting two small fancy goldfish . Wondering how quickly they will grow , how long they can be kept in this tank as I’m aware it’s a little small . Hoping to get a 55 within the year 

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:hi and :welcome

It kinda depends on the fish, but in general about 2 years I would say. I would also like to suggest a 40 Gallon breeder tank instead of the 55 gallon. The reason is the 40B is long and not tall. Goldfish are more pond fish and do better in shorter tanks than the tall ones. :) 

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