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Pearlscale Noobs

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After losing 7 pearlscales in Q.T. in a period of 5 months, I decided to bite the bullet and get ones from Dandy Orandas.

This is their 11th day in quarantine. They got their first dose of Praziquantel powder last Friday. I do 25% water change every day or every other day. Fingers crossed that they make it.












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Thanks Koko. The last 5 months was a nightmare. My kid gets upset each time a fish dies. And finding pearlies is so hard, had to do a 40+ mile drive one-way in SoCal traffic to get to pet stores that carry them. And they dont have them all the time. They just pass away in Q.T., I was questioning my capability.

My kid was adamant on having more pearlies so I decided to splurge on these guys.

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