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Best light distance for floating plants?

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My 125 gallon dirt planted goldfish tank used to have a good mix of water lettuce, water wisteria and frogbit.  But when I upgraded my lights to Fluval leds (Plant 2.0 and Aquasky) the water lettuce and wisteria started to turn brown and the frogbit took over as the last remaining floating plant.

The frogbit used to send up flowers about every day, but have taken a bit of a hit with the absence of fish in the tank for two weeks and with our new fish Ranger now heavily eating their roots.

I currently have the lights only 2 ¾ inch from the water.  I’m wondering if I should raise it a bit and try adding some water lettuce and wisteria back into the mix.  Am I right in thinking the lights might be too close for certain floating plants?

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23 hours ago, Daniel E. said:

It could be "burning" them with too much light. I'd back it up a couple of inches and see if it shows improvement.

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Thats what I was thinking. Whisteria doesn't light really bright light at all :o 

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