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Tank set up - too many options!

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Okay so,

I currently have a 54L planter tank with 3 male guppies and two corydoras, and a 20L rectangle tank with 5 females (a few may be pregnant).


In the future, I would like to put all of my guppies and corydoras into a 20L hexagonal tank that I have, get 1 fancy goldfish for the 54L, and then leave the 20L rectangle tank as a quarantine/ grow out tank.


My 54L tank is having a bit of a battle with ammonia, and it is cycling as we speak.



I’m wondering what is the best thing to do.

1) add all of the guppies into the 20L rectangle tank, try to start cycling filter media for the hexagonal tank, and completely tear down the 54L tank




2) wait for the 54L tank to sort it self out, while cycling some filter media for the hexagonal tank in the 20L rectangle tank at the same time


So sorry if that doesn’t make sense, I’m very confused and unsure of which is the best path to take


P.s please tell me if there is a third and better option!!


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Well in all honesty, the tank you want to use for a goldfish will be to small for the fish latter on.

The guppies I wouldn't put males and females in that small of a tank. They will reproduce so very fast and fill that tank up.

I would have at least 10 gallon tank at least for the guppies and cory. As for the goldfish they need at least 20 gallons per fish :) 

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Please read our guidelines for healthy goldfish.  We recommend at least 76 liters per goldfish.

Also, goldfish like the companionship of other goldfish, so you should consider a tank large enough for at least two goldfish.  

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