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ECR Oranda & Fantail for Rehoming

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Hi all, long time no see!  I'm sadly in a position where I need to rehome my fish...  I'm really hoping someone in the Great Lakes area (with a pond... hey a girl can hope right?!) will be interested in meeting up and taking these guys!

I have SwimFish, my original fantail from the beginning.  He was a Walmart fishy from February 2014, and the dude is a tank - lived through everything I've thrown at him.  Confirmed male. And I have Fluffernut, a Thai Oranda from ECR July 2016, confirmed female.  They were 63g and 110g in 2016, but I have not weighed them since.  They are probably about the same tbh.



Like I said, preference to someone willing to meet up, so maybe someone from Indiana, Michigan, Illinois...  I need to meet in Northern Indiana / Southern Michigan.  Cynthia from ECR has said she would be willing to take Fluffernut back, but if I can avoid the stress of shipping I'd like to.


For anyone interested, here's my blog recording the beginning:

Page 15 is when I got Fluffernut.

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Thanks girls!  I mentioned them to a friend of mine, who said her neighbors have a pond...  We shared some pictures and info, and I took them over today.  Sad to see them go, but happy at the same time because I know they will be well taken care of. :)  It's a 500 gallon goldfish pond owned by some very nice folks who get a lot of enjoyment from feeding them twice a day and caring for the fish.


Once they were in, I couldn't find Fluffernut again, but SwimFish made a few appearances. :)



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