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Aquaclear filter advice 50 or 70?

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My filters are old and the suction is bad and someone suggested I invest in an Aquaclear filter. I have a 55 gal tank and currently 2 filters for 5 years, Aqueon QuietFlow 55/75 and Marineland Bio-Wheel Emperor Power Filter, Size 400. I'm thinking of getting rid of the Aqueon and getting Aquaclear.

What are your opinions on Aquaclears, or is there a better filter I can get and how long have you had your aquaclears or other filters? Most importantly, how is the suction???

Also, should I get the Aquaclear 70 or 50 (since I already have another filter). There's a $10 difference.


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I would go with the 70. I love the Aquaclear filters I haven't had a problem unless I had sand in my tank :thumbs: 

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