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Does Prime kill beneficial bacteria ?

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I got the idea that Prime is bad for BBs from the link that I posted above.

OK , now the condensed long version of how Sebastian's tank got cycled.

Prior to getting Sebastian, I had a betta named Leo in a ten gallon .

I used BBs in a bottle to following the exact instructions of the link that I linked. Leo's tank has been fully cycled for a month.

When I got Sebastian, I got Sebastian a twenty gallon tank . To cycle Sebastian's tank, I used all the bio media in Leo's tank to instantaneously cycle Sebastian's tank.

I'm cycling Leo's tank again with BBs in a bottle.

OK now to my question.

I intend to do a 50% water change on Sebastian tank. I intend to add Prime at the same time as I do the water change. Do I have to worry that Prime will kill the BBs in the HOB and in the tank ?

A picture of Leo below.


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This is how worried I was about adding Prime at the same I did a water change.

When I first got Sebastian, I put Sebastian into his new 20 gallon tank . The water in the 20 gallon was brand new water from the faucet.

I proceeded to add Prime to the water and I had a bubble wand and a air pump running.

I thought that I should age the water that I just added Prime  to so I did not run the HOB.

I placed Sebastian in the 20 gallon tank at around 6 pm.

I went to bed at 10 pm.

I woke up at 6 am  and Sebastian was hovering by the water surface trying to get a gulp of air.

The reason was Sebastian , who is 3.5 long, had created enough ammonia in around 12 hours for a twenty gallon tank to be toxic.

I tested the water and the ammonia was around 2 ppm.

I ran the HOB and in a few hours Sebastian was fine.



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Absolutely not!   Prime converts ammonia to ammonium, and nitrifiers prefer ammonium to ammonia.  Most of the "bacteria in a bottle" do little to cycle the tank.  From what I read in the link, the tetra product is one of them.

There's a saying among pond keepers, "Cycling is a four week process that, if you add "cycling products," can be completed in a month."

You might move some of the cycled medium from Sebastian's filter to Leo's.  He won't need very much.

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